Shopify to Saleforce CRM

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Bring in a B2B perspective to your business by transforming your Shopify orders data to customer centric Salesforce CRM View

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Customer Centric View

Know your customer better

Our integration stitches together historical and current data to give a complete picture centered around your customer. Using tools within Salesforce CRM, you can further segment and analyze customers to get a clear picture of their needs and wants.

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Salvage Abandoned Carts

Capture lost sales through custom quotes

Our integration brings in Shopify abandoned cart data in real-time and creates an open opportunity in Salesforce. Your salesteam can adjust price, add custom offer, message and send to customer. With complete customer historical profile to act on, your quotations have a much higher chance of converting abandoned carts than just email reminders.

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Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Drive customer loyalty and sales

Our integration brings in products, orders and customer data together in Salesforce. This enables identify unique association within product groups and between customer segment and product purchases. Increase data driven sales with offers designed for specific customer groups.


Salesforce CRM
What happens during a sync
flow1 Registered Customers
Address Details
flow2Accounts & Contacts
flow3 Guest Customers
Order Details
flow4Accounts & Contacts
flow5 Completed Orders
Cart Details
flow6Closed Opportunities & Order
flow7Abandoned Carts
Cart Details
flow8Open Opportunity


  • When you make a sale on Shopify platform, a closed Opportunity is automatically created for you in Salesforce.
  • Corresponding Order data from Shopify is also added to Orders in Salesforce for post-processing.
  • A new Account is created for new customers (registered or guest) who make purchases at your store. Corresponding Contacts are added.
  • Existing Account data will be automatically updated with every new order in Shopify.
  • All incomplete, pending and declined orders create a corresponding open Opportunity in Salesforce.


  • With every order, corresponding Products are added/updated in Salesforce.
  • Order line items from Shopify are mapped to Product Details under Opportunity and Orders in Salesforce.
  • Opportunity and Order Line Items are linked to Product details in Salesforce


Price / Month
Number of orders
(per month)
$15 500 orders
$20 1000 orders
$25 2000 orders
$30 Unlimited current orders
* no limit on number of customers and products
* prereqisities: Needs Salesforce Enterprise, Performance or Unlimited edition. Contact, Group or Professional Salesforce editions are not supported.