BigCommerce to Zoho Inventory

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Transform BigCommerce orders data to delivery centric Zoho Inventory view

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Delivery Centric View

Improve fulfillment and delivery

Our integration brings in real-time all order and shipment details from BigCommerce platform. Leverage Zoho Inventory to fulfill, create, ship & track packages. Our integration also (optionally) brings in current inventory levels enabling to monitor and replenish stock levels.

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Drop ship

Route orders to vendors and partners

Our integration brings in all the order shipment details including inventory from BigCommerce to Zoho Inventory. Leverage Zoho Inventory drop shipment feature to route customer order quickly and efficiently to your vendors.

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All-in-one View

Leverage Zoho CRM, Campaigns and Books

Our integration brings in all the order and contact data. Leverage internal integrations between Zoho apps to boost sales through CRM, manage campaigns through Zoho Campaigns and accounting through Zoho Books.


Zoho Inventory
What happens during a sync
flow1 Registered Customers
Address Details
flow3 Guest Customers
Billing Details
flow5 Completed Orders
Cart Details
flow6Sales Order
Shipment Details


  • Any new customer data (registered or guest) creates an entry into Contacts list.
  • For registed customers, address details are used to create contact details. For guest customer, billing details are used.


  • When you make a sale on BigCommerce platform, a Sales Order is automatically created for you in Zoho Inventory
  • Corresponding Products from BigCommerce platform are reflected under Items.
  • Optionally, inventory data from BigCommerce platform is updated under Items in Zoho Inventory.
  • Shipment Details, including shipping provider and tracking number from BigCommerce platform are updated under Packages in Zoho Inventory.


Price / Month
Number of orders
(per month)
$15 500 orders
$20 1000 orders
$25 2000 orders
$30 Unlimited current orders
* no limit on number of customers and products